British Artist Marty St. James returns to Antarctica

St. James arrived at Carlini Scientific Base of Argentina by military flight, helicopter, Russian icebreaker and small craft. in roaring winds and rolling icy sea.

[VIDEO] Bangalore-based artist duo Pors & Rao

The artists embed high tech and humor into introspective views of the human condition

[VIDEO] Icelandic artist Egill Sæbjörnsson at his studio in Berlin and the Danish Architecture Center, Copenhagen

Commissioned by Streaming Museum and Danish Architecture Center for Nordic Outbreak’s exhibition in Copenhagen.

[VIDEO] SUPERFLEX: Burning Car, 2008

The slow burn of destruction suggests the eventual, imminent collapse of our consumer-driven society.

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Amanda Burden: How public spaces make cities work

PUBLIC SPACES HAVE POWER! Amanda Burden, biography   THE HIGH LINE, NYC Photographs courtesy of The High Line and Lucas Roberts

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Imagine the Digitally Interconnected World Cities Helping the Developing World to Solve Problems

The biennial Global Cities Index published by A.T. Kearney Management Consulting Firm, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and Foreign Policy magazine, noted in its launch edition in 2008 that "the world’s biggest, most interconnected cities help set global agendas,…

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Marcus Neustetter, Johannesburg-based Artist, Cultural Activist, on public art in post-Apartheid South Africa

WATCH IT HERE   Marcus Neustetter speaks about post-Apartheid South Africa and the impact of the public arts programs he has been producing with The Trinity Sessions Co-founder Stephen Hobbs.   Marcus is a Founding Partner of Streaming Museum.  

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5 authors envision the future

WHERE WE'LL BE IN 100 YEARS Experts' viewpoints on the future of energy and the environment--Richard Heinberg, James Howard Kunstler, Daniel Rirdan, Ozzie Zehner, and Jorgen Randers.

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Teru Kuwayama, journalist, in Afghanistan

One-Eight is an experimental media project, funded by a 2010 Stanford University Newschallenge Grant to Teru Kuwayama, to use an online journal –, to chronicle the events of a military battalion by connecting the personnel, their families and other…

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Maurice Benayoun Occupies the Financial District, NYC

Renowned French media artist Maurice Benayoun converses with Tanya Toft as they visit Wall Street, Zuccotti Park, the World Trade Center, Trinity Church and St. Pauls in New York City’s Financial District. [30:00] Transcript of the video,”Maurice Benayoun Occupies the…

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Michael Najjar Plans Virgin Galactic Space Travel

German media artist, Michael Najjar met with Streaming Museum Associate Curator, Tanya Toft in New York City for a conversation about his 2013 space flight on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. Najjar talks about his training with Russian Astronauts for space…

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John Cage’s “Lecture On The Weather” (1976) – a political statement relevent today

Commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Observance of the BiCentennial of the United States of America, 1976 JOHN CAGE website  Cage set the tone for “Lecture on the Weather” (1976) in a recorded preface (transcript below) as he stated his political,…

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Wilson Miner…“We shape our tools and our tools shape us.”

“We shape our tools and our tools shape us.” As more of the tools we live with become digital instead of physical, our opportunity – and responsibility – as designers is multiplying. We live in a world of screens, and we are the ones…

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The arts are instrumental in Johannesburg’s rejuvenation

Streaming Museum Founding Partner and Co-producer Marcus Neustetter and his collaborator Stephen Hobbs at The Trinity Session are based in the Johannesburg Maboneng Precinct (Place of Light) where varied multi media events are taking place. The Trinity Session is instrumental in the…

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"Lagoglyphs" limited edition animation and silkscreens by Eduardo Kac and selected artwork exhibited by Streaming Museum are available to Collect.


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Streaming Museum presents contemporary-themed exhibitions of international fine arts, pop culture and cross-disciplinary perspectives to a global audience through an expanding network of big screens on 7 continents, partnering cultural and commercial centers, and

Since 2008 Streaming Museum’s exhibitions have been viewed by millions of people in over 65 locations around the world.

Streaming Museum is part of the inspiration-and-information-with-social-value economy.

The museum opened on January 29, 2008, exhibiting Good Morning Mr. Orwell (1984)  precisely at the same time on one public screen on each of 7 continents: Johannesburg, South Africa; Antarctica, Jubany Scientific Base of Argentina;  Seoul, Korea; Melbourne, Australia; London, UK; Dallas, Texas; Montevideo, Uruguay; as well as Second Life.

Nina Colosi, Founder, Creative Director    
Tanya Toft, Curator, Denmark/NYC           
Xiaoying Juliette Yuan, Curator, Beijing/NYC
David Bates, Jr., Co-producer, Videographer

Founding Team, 2008
Antarctica and South America: Andrea Juan, Artist / Curator / Head of Cultural Projects National Antarctic Affairs of Argentina Chancellery
Africa: Marcus Neustetter, Artist / Curator, Johannesburg, South Africa
Asia: Dooeun Choi, curator, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea
Australia: Glenn Harding
Europe: Mirjam Struppek, International Urban Media Consultant and Researcher
Second Life: James Morgan, Director Ars Virtua

Upcoming Advisors / Collaborators to be announced

Artists +

Andrea Ackerman (US)
Eija-Liisa Ahtila (Finland)
Mark Amerika (US)
J Tobias Anderson (Sweden)
Rachel Armstrong (UK)
Alice Arnold (US)
Maurice Benayoun (France)
Jeremy Blake (US)
Ken Are Bongo (Norway)
Tom Carr (Spain)
Miguel Chevalier (Mexico/France)
Scott Draves (US)
Ben Edwards (US)
Jeannette Ehlers (Denmark)
Jette Ellgaard (Denmark)
Ursula Endlicher (Austria/US)
Etoy (Switzerland)
Jessica Faiss (Sweden)
Joshua Frankel (US)
Buckminster Fuller (US)
Søren Thilo Funder (Denmark)
Balazs Gardi (Hungary)
Loris Gréaud (France)
Sigurdur Gudjonsson (Iceland)
Styrmir Örn Gudmundsson (Iceland)
Eeva-Mari Haikala (Finland)
Keryoon Han (Korea)
Claudia Hart (US)
Iselin Linstad Hauge (Norway)
Chuck Hoberman (US)
Andrew Thomas Huang (US)
Kaia Hugin (Norway)
Hansol Huh (Korea)
Hanne Ivars (Finland)
Kim Joon (S Korea)
Andrea Juan (Argentina)
Eduardo Kac (Brazil/US)
Hannu Karjalainen (Finland)
Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk (US)
Teru Kuwayama (US)
Dan Lestander (Sweden)
Una Lorenzen (Iceland)
Mitchel Joachim & Maria Aiolova (US)
Mogens Jacobsen (Denmark)
Vibeke Jensen (Norway)
Claire Jervert (US)
Andrea Juan (Argentina)
Jesper Just (Denmark)
Sophie Kahn (Australia)
Antti Laitinen (Finland)
Pernille With Madsen (Denmark)
Benoit Mandelbrot (Poland/Fr/US)
Jenny Marketou (Greece/US)
Dodda Maggy (Iceland)
Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky (US)
Mariko Mori (Japan)
Multi-touch Barcelona (Spain)
James Nachtwey (US)
Michael Najjar (Germany)
Marcus Neustetter (South Africa)
Eva Olsson (Sweden)
QNQ/AUJIK (Sweden)
Nam June Paik (Korea/US)
Emanuel Pimenta (Switzerland/Italy)
Chris Rainier (US)
Aparna Rao and Soren Pors (Bangalore/Denmark)
Anni Rapinoja (Finland)
Miia Rinne (Finland)
Egill Saebjornsson (Iceland)
Edwina Sandys (UK/US)
Lincoln Schatz (US)
Birgitte Sigmundstad (Norway)
Magnus Sigurdarson (Iceland)
John F. Simon Jr. (US)
Karolina Sobecka (Poland)
Joo Muoung Song (Korea)
Phillip Stearns (US)
Marty St. James (UK)
Superflex (Denmark)
Tereza Stehlikova (UK)
Monika Weiss (Poland/US)
Marina Zurkow (US)

Music, Dance, Multi-Media
Björk (Iceland)
John Cage (US)
Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet (US)
Merce Cunningham (US)
Efterklang (Denmark)
Judd Greenstein (US)
Jaron Lanier (US)
NOW Ensemble (US)
Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner (US)
Jacob ter Veldhuis (Netherlands)
DB Burkeman (UK/US)

Collaborated in programming and/or provided artwork (partial list)

Museums, Cultural Centers, Galleries
Art Plural, Singapore
bitforms, NYC
John Cage Trust at Bard College, Laura Kuhn, Director
James Cohan Gallery, NYC
Danish Architecture Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
Marian Goodman Gallery, NYC
Christopher Henry Gallery, NYC
Japan Society, NYC
Korean Film Archives, Seoul, Korea
Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland
Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles / MoCA
Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea
Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, Korea

Educational Institutions 
American University Dubai
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
New York University
Columbia University
Zayed University, Dubai

Guest Curators (partial list)
Daniela Arriado, Founder, Artistic Director of Screen City Festival, Norway
Diana Ewer, UK
Birta Gudjonsdottir, curator and artist, Iceland
Andrea Juan, Artist / Curator / Head of Cultural Projects,
National Antarctic Affairs of Argentina Chancellery
Kati Kivinen, curator, KIASMA
Jacob Lillemose, Curator, Transmediale

Symposium presenters
Jonatan Habib Engqvist Curator/Theorist, Stockholm
Erkki Huhtamo, Professor of Media History and Theory, UCLA
Jacob Lillemose, Curator, Transmediale
Margret Elisabeth Olafsdottir, Independent researcher on media art, Reykjavik Academy
Marit Paasche, Head of research, Norwegian Video Art Archive
Mirjam Struppek, Curator / Urban Screens
Minna Tarkka, curator, M-Cult







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