Jonathan Monaghan’s surreal animations explore wealth, power, and values in the digital age.

[Videos & Gallery] Monaghan’s work incorporates characters and objects from science fiction, advertising, video games and art history.

Sociologist Manuel Castells on transmedia social protest.

[Essay & Videos] Castells viewpoints on the information society, communication, and globalization, in counterpoint with excerpts from JacobTV’s reality opera THE NEWS.

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Utsikten Kunstsenter – the view of Feda Fiord, Kvinesdal, Norway

Feature story: 6 Views of Maximizing Life with Minimalism

Feature story: Maximizing life with Minimalism, from Silicon Valley to the arts and meditation realm The qualities of minimalism in the arts and design induce a state of meditation, concentration, mindfulness and transcendence. It has been an ideal of some of…

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Qiuhao’s high fashion designs have a minimalist timeless quality and supercede trends

Chinese high fashion designer and artist Qiuhao creates a soulful long-term connection between a garment and its wearer. His designs have a minimalist timeless quality and are a means to succeed years of trends. Do you see the flickering light? I have…

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Minimalism in Architecture: Pritzker Laureate Shigeru Ban, and The CityHome at MIT

The CityHome  This ultra-efficient responsive urban home provides a hardware and software ecosystem for personal space customization. It was developed by Kent Larson's Changing Places Research Group at MIT. . Shigeru Ban Japanese architect, Pritzker Laureate Ban uses existing materials,…

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Minimalism in Silicon Valley = the Sharing Culture

Minimalism breeds in Silicon Valley: the Sharing Culture Simplify life, do more with less, minimize your stuff... UBER enables people using the company's mobile app and their own cars to earn money without the complication of taxi industry costs and regulations. It…

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Music by Steve Reich, American minimalist composer, performed by pianist Vicky Chow

Vicky Chow performed Steve Reich's Piano Counterpoint (2011) (arr. Vincent Corver) at Heritage Hall in Vancouver, Canada Steve Reich Reich was recently called "our greatest living composer" (The New York Times), "America’s greatest living composer." (The Village VOICE), “...the most original…

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Steve Jobs on meditation and minimalism

  Steve Jobs’ meditation practice influenced his process of synthesizing complex ideas and philosophies into Apple products that are a simple, logical, beautiful and ubiquitous part of daily life. Read more...    

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Artist Mahmoud Hamadani on minimalism and what Rumi refers to as “that which cannot be found.”

Mahmoud Hamadani: From the Traces series – Untitled, 2000, Ink on Paper, 22″ X 30″ Created by blowing ink on paper Hanadani's work illustrates the principle of “doing as much as possible and as little as necessary,” finding a graceful balance…

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“Light Motif” by filmmaker Frédéric Bonpapa, blends minimalist art, music by Steve Reich, and the primordial world

LIGHT MOTIF, an award winning film by Frédéric Bonpapa blends the energy of Steve Reich’s minimalist and meditative music with captivating art and primordial world. Watch it here...

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John F. Simon, Jr: pioneer artist connects science, spiritual and natural worlds and math

John F. Simon, Jr. is one of the pioneers in the development of Software Art and is renowned in this area for articulating the use of code in digital and multimedia works since the mid 1980s. This early community of artists and curators…

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Selected artwork exhibited by Streaming Museum currently available to collect: Artists Carter Hodgkin, Iris van Herpen, Eduardo Kac, Marty St. James


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STREAMING MUSEUM brings a worldview into focus through the arts and its interconnections to contemporary world affairs, sciences, technology, the future, world cultures and more. Since 2008 the museum has produced and presented exhibitions and programs that have reached millions on 7 continents in public spaces, at cultural and commercial centers, and

Nina Colosi, Founder and Creative Director of Streaming Museum [BIO]
David Bates, Jr., Videographer and Co-producer [BIO]
Tie Jojima, Program Coordinator
Dave Colangelo, Research and Development Consultant, Toronto-based artist and academic [BIO]
Tanya Toft, Associate Curator, NYC/Copenhagen-based international curator [BIO]
Alana Chloe Esposito, Writer, editor [BIO]

Curators and Advisors:
Maurice Benayoun, Artist, Director of Open Sky Gallery ICC Tower Hong Kong, Professor City University Hong Kong, School of Creative Media
Xiaoying Juliette Yuan, NYC-based independent international media art curator, trilingual scholar [BIO]
Christiane Paul, Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum of American Art and Associate Professor, School of Media Studies, The New School [BIO]
Doo Eun Choi, International Curator and former Artistic Director of Art Center Nabi, Seoul [BIO]
Ksenia Fedorova, Media art researcher and Curator, US/Russia
Susa Pop, Director and Founder of Public Art Lab and Connecting Cities, Berlin [BIO]
Shamina de Gonzaga, United Nations liaison and specialist in international relations
Neil Sieling, Strategic Partnership Consultant for Nutopia, independent television production company, London, Washington, D.C.
Guest Curators collaborate for projects around the world

Museums, Cultural Centers, Galleries (partial list)

Art Plural, Singapore
bitforms, NYC
John Cage Trust at Bard College, Laura Kuhn, Director
James Cohan Gallery, NYC
Danish Architecture Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
Marian Goodman Gallery, NYC
Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma
Christopher Henry Gallery, NYC
ICC Tower curated by City University Hong Kong
Japan Society, NYC
Korean Film Archives, Seoul, Korea
Media Facades Festival Helsinki
Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland
FRAME Visual Art Finland
Katuaq the Cultural Centre of Greenland in Nuuk
Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles / MoCA
Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea
The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece
Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, Korea
Public Art Lab and Connecting Cities, Berlin
Reykjavik Art Museum
Scandinavia House

Educational Institutions 
American University Dubai
City University Hong Kong
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
New York University
Columbia University
Zayed University Dubai

Guest Curators (partial list)
Daniela Arriado, Founder, Artistic Director of Screen City Festival, Norway
Diana Ewer, UK
Birta Gudjonsdottir, curator and artist, Iceland
Andrea Juan, Artist / Curator / Head of Cultural Projects,
National Antarctic Affairs of Argentina Chancellery
Kati Kivinen, curator, KIASMA
Jacob Lillemose, Curator, Transmediale

Symposium presenters (partial list)
Jonatan Habib Engqvist Curator/Theorist, Stockholm
Erkki Huhtamo, Professor of Media History and Theory, UCLA
Jacob Lillemose, Curator, Transmediale
Margret Elisabeth Olafsdottir, Independent researcher on media art, Reykjavik Academy
Marit Paasche, Head of research, Norwegian Video Art Archive
Mirjam Struppek, Curator / Urban Screens
Minna Tarkka, curator, M-Cult

FJC – A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds

World Council of Peoples for the United Nations
Times Square Advertising Coalition, New York
Times Square Arts, New York
Nordic Culture Fund
Nordic Culture Point
Consulate General of Sweden
Royal Norwegian Consulate
Consulate General of Finland
Consulate General of Denmark
Consulate General of Iceland
Norwegian Consulate General New York
Office for Contemporary Art Norway
Dumbo Improvement District
NYC Department of Transportation
James Cohan Gallery, New York
Marian Goodman Gallery, New York
Art Plural Gallery, Singapore
FJC Foundation, New York
Scandinavia House, New York
MOCAtv for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
PNEK Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway
AV-Arkki, Helsinki, Finland
Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art
Reykjavik Art Museum
Danish Architecture Center
Screen City Festival, Norway
Katuaq the Cultural Centre of Greenland
Icelandic Art Center
The Danish Arts Foundation
Big Screen Plaza, New York
Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
JM Merit Media, Hong Kong and Macau
University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Antar Programa Antartico Argentino
Direccion Nacional Del Antartico
Environmental Defense Fund
Human Rights First
EMF Electronic Music Foundation
SK Telecom
Mode Records
Big Screen Plaza
ONSSI On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc
J.M. Kaplan Fund
ETC Experimental TV Center
ISE Cultural Foundation
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