[Video] Showcases innovations that advance UN SDGs.

A View From The Cloud is a multi-year international program of art and creative technology to sharpen how we see the world and showcase innovations that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Programs take place in public spaces, cultural centers, and on digital platforms.

Image from “Emotion Winds” by Maurice Benayoun, 2014


Janos Pasztor, UN Assistant Secretary General on Climate Change at A VIEW FROM THE CLOUD remarked at the opening event: “Building support for the new Global Goals and for a climate agreement are essential, and it is extremely gratifying to see such support from the arts to educate and energize peoples understanding of what is at stake.”

Hundreds of people gathered at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on September 14, 2015 for a cinematic experience of art, space and the world, with Special Guest speaker, United Nations Assistant Secretary General on Climate Change, Janos Pasztor, a screening of the film PLANETARY, remarks by Special Guests, Astronaut Ron Garan, Director, Guy Reid, Cinematographer, Christoph Ferstad, and a presentation of art by international artists.

AViewFromTheCloud_Event_Sept14-2015Attending the event were artists whose work was exhibited and will be included in the ongoing programming: Maxi Cohen, Michael Najjar, Aparna Rao, Edwina Sandys, John F. Simon, Jr., Marty St. James, Ragin Wenk-Wolff, and Marina Zurkow.

Event sponsors: Metropolitan Pacific Properties, Pattison Advertising, ArtCop21, Family Schools, NYC Parks, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, Rooftop Films, Cargo Film and Releasing.

More about the opening event, “Planetary” film and tour of “Counting One To Four: Nature morte” by Debbie Symons  … here.

Focus areas

Collaborators will participate in these and other programs:

Interactive Salon Series: Launching at the United Nations in 2017
Art, Documentary Film, Digital Technology, Innovation and Conversation
Continuing with partners at international locations

Global Art Tour to Public Spaces, Cultural Centers: Begins 2017
Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Hong Kong, NYC, Berlin, and other locations

Digital platforms featuring videos, interviews, live-stream, collaborator highlights, and stories covering focus areas

International education programs including: a multi-media workshop: Four-day program for international students in NYC with FuturePerfect Productions; other international education programs TBA

Topics and questions covered in A View From The Cloud:

The neuroscience and anthropological perspectives on the roots of conflict, factors that affect human behavior, communication, and cooperation

The potential of art and creative technology — including AI and robotics, machine learning, VR, and future technologies, to take the pulse of the world, expand creativity, and generate new strategies to prevent conflict and address global challenges.

Models of Innovation exemplified in countries around the world, including programs where communities actively participate in data collection and interpretation, devising solutions, and informing policies that impact their livelihood

The future of living standards, the value of work, and new industries


7-Global Goals
At the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit
on 25 September 2015, world leaders adopted the 2030
Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes a
set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty,
fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change
by 2030.


A View From The Cloud exhibitions and public programs in 2016 and 2017:

LAUNCH, September 2015 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza

ArtHelsinki, Keynote by Nina Colosi – “Art and Technology in exhibition, world affairs and the market.” Exhibition, and public programs with humanoid robot Bina48, Bruce Duncan, director of Terasem Foundation, and artist Claire Jervert. September 7-11, 2016

Government Center, Downtown Miami, International Day of Peace, presentation by Shamina de Gonzaga, connecting Global Sustainable Development Goals to the local realities of communities. September 2016.

Artificial Intelligence program: Conversations between international audience via social media and humanoid robot Bina48 in collaboration with Terasem Lab, Vermont, and Gazelli Art House, London. November 2016.

Utsikten Kunstsenter Kvinesdal, Norway. A View From The Cloud exhibition and public programs on nature and space. Featuring sound and multi-media artist Leah Barclay, Planetary Collective cinematographer Christoph Ferstad. November 10, 2016 – February 10, 2017.

Community Development. Global to Local—Local to Global: Place-based community programs in response to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Florida International University in partnership with WCPUN. Beginning 2017.

Social responsibility in the luxury industry. WCPUN partnership with Ecole Supérieure de Gestion et Commerce International (ESGCI) of the Paris School of Business, and the University of San Diego Law School. TBA 2017.

An Interactive Salon of Art, Conversation and Innovation will take place in 2017 at the United Nations, date and speakers to be announced: “A View From The Cloud: The influence of Data, Creative Technology and Art innovations in achieving Development and Humanitarian Goals”


At StreamingWorks.org, collectors can purchase artwork by some of the world’s most significant artists to support the international programs of A View From The Cloud. This includes old masters to contemporary art and design that focuses on big ideas and sharpens how we see the world and the future. Collectors can also commission artworks. View the introductory collections at StreamingWorks.org.
We can provide advisory service for specific artwork requests.

Contributions from sales of the A View From The Cloud collection will benefit international exhibitions, and art, education and social programs. Contact us for specific artwork requests and program information: contact@streamingworks.org.


Programming emerges from the unique vantage points and diverse international expertise and partnerships of Streaming Museum and World Council of Peoples for the United Nations. 

Streaming Museum (streamingmuseum.orgproduces and presents arts and related programs that since 2008 have reached millions on 7 continents in public spaces, at cultural and commercial centers, and streamingmuseum.org.
Contact: Nina Colosi, Founder, Creative Director, nina@streamingmuseum.org

World Council of Peoples for the United Nations (WCPUN.org
is a non-governmental organization in association with the United Nations Department of Public Information dedicated to facilitating partnerships across sectors that advance awareness and implementation of the UN’s goals.
Contact: Shamina de Gonzaga, Executirve Director, WCPUN, sdegonzaga@wcpun.org

Partnership opportunities

Exhibitions – Film Screenings – Interactive Salons – Analysis – Education – New Works – VIP events

A View from the Cloud partnership opportunities are available for the complete multi-year program, theme-specific series, and individual events. Programs are adaptable to public spaces, cultural centers, and digital platforms with media and on-site visibility.

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