Constellation’s launch event celebrated the first picture of earth from space taken by Bill Anders on Apollo 8.

Hundreds attended the opening event for Constellation, a new organization founded by astronauts Ron Garan, Nicole Stott, Leland Melvin and Anousheh Ansari, and team, on December 21, 2018, at Kennedy Space Centet. The program celebrated the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8’s December 21, 1968 launch to circle the Moon 10 times, and Earthrise, the first picture of earth from space taken on December 24, 1968 by Bill Anders.

The event included a program at the Kennedy Space Center IMAX theater, tours of the Apollo/Saturn V Center and Apollo 8 Mission Control and a celebration under the space shuttle Atlantis.

Constellation, a worldwide movement motivated by the astronauts’ experience in space, is dedicated to inspiring positive action by bringing people to feel and comprehend the profound perspective shift experienced in space. Seeing the Earth from space triggers a profound emotional experience of interconnection.

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Event December 21

Constellation LIVE on stage at the IMAX Theater at Kennedy Space Center

Astronauts Leland Melvin, Anousheh Ansari, Nicole Stott, Ron Garan, founded Constellation (

Nicole Stott’s presentation at the IMAX Theater

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