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Dave Colangelo is Assistant Professor of Digital Culture at Portland State University and Director, North America, of the Media Architecture Institute. He holds an MA in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths College, University of London and a PhD in Communication and Culture from Ryerson and York Universities. His research and writing is centred upon the impact of digital media on art, curation, architecture, and scholarship. Colangelo’s writing has appeared in Public Art Dialogue and The Journal of Curatorial Studies. His work as a media artist (with collaborator Patricio Davila), working primarily with interactive, large-scale public projections, urban screens, and media architecture, has been presented at the International Symposium for Electronic Art (Istanbul 2011, Sydney 2013, Vancouver 2015), the Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in Shenzhen/Hong Kong (2013-14), and in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

Contact: dave.colangelo@streamingmuseum.org