Teru Kuwayama: the real deal on “Sustainability” in Afghanistan

[Interview, photographs] The reality of conflict zones

From THE NETWORK by LINCOLN SCHATZ, Smithsonian Collection

[VIDEO] Part 1, Video Portraits of Remarkable Contemporary American Leadership & Innovation



Miguel Chevalier’s Spectacular Interactive Art, from a Fjord in Norway to landmarks in Morocco and Mexico

[VIDEO] Interactive generative artworks that give visitors the sensation of interacting with new nature and artificial intelligence


The words of her father Buckminster Fuller for the Fuller Challenge Award event 11/24/2014


From World Cities to Remote Locations

Selected international tours since 2008

Nordic Outbreak, One-Year World Tour

Exhibition and public programs featured 30 Nordic artists

Joshua Frankel: PLAN OF THE CITY

[VIDEO] “Gorgeous” — Alex Ross, New Yorker


[VIDEO] Seven international media artists

Tom Carr: Arrival-Departure

[VIDEO] International collaboration with Art Plural Gallery, Singapore

Maurice Benayoun

[VIDEO] Real-time data art shows the Internet as the nervous system of the world


[VIDEO] From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art. 1600+ artists. Music by Radiohead, The White Stripes…

Claudia Hart: On Synchronics

[VIDEO] Media project with 24 alumni of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago


[VIDEO] Jeremy Blake, Jenny Marketou, Yorgo Alexopoulos, Marty St. James, Balazs Gardi, Emanuel..

Sacred: Angkor Wat

[VIDEO] Sacred temples by National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier, music Anoushka Shankar

Ancient Marks

[VIDEO] Sacred Origins of Tattoos and Body Marking by Chris Rainier, music Anoushka Shankar

Electronic Artifacts

[VIDEO] Add to Cart by Claire Jervert and The Quickening by Phillip Stearns

We Write To You From The Distant Future

[IMAGE GALLERY] Artists, scientists imagine the future world

Marina Zurkow: SLURB

[VIDEO] Inhabitants of a flooded world feel the tug of the sun, and dream of a return to their amniotic past

The Poetics of Code: part 1

[VIDEO] HD Traffic by John F. Simon, Jr. and Lagoglyphs by Eduardo Kac

The Poetics of Code: part 2

[VIDEO] Johnny Cash Project, Aaron Koblin & Chris Milk; Dreams in High Fidelity, Scott Draves

The Poetics of Code: part 3

[VIDEO] From Right To Left by Keryoon Han, and Rose Breathing by Andrea Ackerman

Contemporary Crosscurrents

Artists from the Middle East and around the world

Eduardo Kac: Lagoglyphs

[VIDEO] Artwork series expanding upon Kac’s controversial genetically altered Alba the GFP Bunny

Edwina Sandys: Breakthrough

[VIDEO] Commemorating Fall of the Berlin Wall 20th Anniversary in Milan, NYC & international tour

Cross-Korea: Come Join Us Mr. Orwell

[IMAGE GALLERY] Korean moving image: Art Center Nabi, Nam June Paik Art Center, Korean Film Archive

Mark Amerika: Immobilité

[IMAGE GALLERY] A feature-length foreign film shot on a mobile phone in Cornwall, UK

Artists & Innovators for the Environment

[IMAGE GALLERY] Three-part exhibition series toured screens on seven continents in 2008-2009

Streaming Museum Launch 1/29/08

[IMAGE GALLERY] Good Morning, Mr. Orwell by Nam June Paik
 and Art…

International Artists


Art, Fashion, Celebrity for W Magazine

[VIDEO] Chastain, Condo, Thomas, Joffe, Dijkstra

Warhol’s Lost Computer Works

[Video, Art] Discovered at Warhol Museum

Björk & Andrew Thomas Huang

[VIDEO] ”Mutual Core” featured in Nordic Outbreak

Rebirth: Recent Work by Mariko Mori

[VIDEO & ART GALLERY] Intersects Nature, Ancient Culture, Technology


[VIDEO & IMAGES] Rebranding Denmark & NYC premiere of The Working Life at Nordic Outbreak NYC

Egill Sæbjörnsson: in Berlin & Copenhagen

[VIDEO] Commissioned for Danish Architecture Center

Balazs Gardi

[VIDEO] Portraits of 1st Battalion 8th Marines in Afghanistan

A Cut Above: 12 Paper Masters

[VIDEO] Artists on the renaissance of cut paper and books

Marty St. James returns to Antarctica

[Diary, Photographs] Arrives in roaring winds and rolling icy seas

Marty St. James in China

[Gallery & TV show] Mountain climb & drawing lesson on Chinese TV

Bangalore-based artist duo Pors & Rao

[VIDEO] Technology, humor, the human condition

SUPERFLEX: Burning Car

[VIDEO] The slow burn of destruction suggests the eventual, imminent collapse of consumer-driven society

Hannu Karjalainen, Towards an Architect

[VIDEO] Toured internationally with Nordic Outbreak

Electric Signs by Alice Arnold

[VIDEO] Screen culture & the urban environment

Urban Media Aesthetics (UMA)

Tanya Toft’s research, reflection and critical discussion

Erkki Huhtamo, media archaeologist

[VIDEO] Keynote speaker for Nordic Outbreak NYC


International, classical, experimental, rock

Synergized: Nature & The Arts

[MUSIC & VIDEO] Lanier, Rothenberg, Scanner, Stehlikova

Juilliard at Lincoln Center

“We Write This To You From The Distant Future” on stage


[VIDEO] Cage & artists he inspired

JOHN CAGE: Lecture on the Weather

[VIDEO] For the US Bicentennial 1976


[VIDEO] Matisse/Davies/Tudor, Kov..


[VIDEO] Composer and visual artist

JOHN CAGE TRIBUTE: Stephen Vitiello

[MP3s, scores] Sound, media artist

JOHN CAGE TRIBUTE: Marina Rosenfeld

How Cage influenced my music


[MP3 & scores] Musician

JOHN CAGE TRIBUTE: Allegra Fuller Snyder

Cage, Cunningham and her father Buckminster Fuller

Upcoming, Ongoing, Past

Anti-Utopias, The Artist’s Process, Google, CAM

Digital Art @Google, New York City

Exhibitions & public programs series at Google headquarters, New York City

The Project Room for New Media @ CAM

The Project Room for New Media and Performing Arts at Chelsea Art Museum in New York City, continued at Streaming Museum