Streaming Museum was launched on January 29, 2008 from NYC with a mission to produce international arts exhibitions and to present them on 7 continents in public space, cultural centers and website. It was to symbolize the valuable contributions that all cultures bring to global society and the multiple realities that are ‘streaming’ simultaneously. The ‘experiment’ grew and over the years programs have reached millions.

So thank you Holland Cotter, NYTimes Arts Critic, for writing this article that connects to Streaming Museum’s concept – In the Art World, Globalism’s New Spin (10/27/16) 

In summary, he writes:

“New or expanded architecture, increased digital access and social media outreach are, at bottom, about promotion. They pull audiences into a museum and can provide potent teaching tools. But global consciousness is what museums teach, or should teach: the simultaneous existence of many different cultures, and the equal value of those cultures, everywhere, through the centuries, and right now. It’s a lesson that stands in exact opposition to the pall of intolerance in the air at present. In the end, art is small, pebble-size, not globe-size, and it can’t do much. But if it can persuade people to gather for a meal instead of for war, that’s something. And museums can play a part in that persuasion.”