[Video] At MoMA

BLACK LAKE: Björk & filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang in Icelandic terrain, create an emotional metaphor about loss – at MoMA in 2015.

Streaming Museum presented “Mutual Core” by Björk and Andrew Thomas Huang in an exhibition tour to public spaces on 7 continents that launched with a one-month exhibition across the screens of Times Square.  WATCH IT HERE


bjork-moma-black-lake-still-02 bjork-black-lake

Our love was my womb
But our bond has broken
My shield is gone
My protection is taken

I am one wound
My pulsating body
Suffering being

My heart is enormous lake
Black with potion
I am blind
Drowning in this ocean

My soul torn apart
My spirit is broken
Into the fabric of all
He is woven

You fear my limitless emotions
I am bored of your apocalyptic obsessions
Did I love you too much
Devotion bent me broken
So I rebelled
Destroyed the icon

I did it for love
I honoured my feelings
You betrayed your own heart
Corrupted that organ

Family was always our sacred mutual mission
Which you abandoned

You have nothing to give
Your heart is hollow
I’m drowned in sorrows
No hope in sight of ever recover
Eternal pain and horrors

I am a glowing shiny rocket
Returning home
As I enter the atmosphere
I burn off layer by layer

[Björk’s dress was designed by Iris van Herpen.]

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