Image of video installation at ArtHelsinki, Lake Como Remix (2012) by Mark Amerika

StreamingWorks LLC offers collectors artwork by international artists featured by Streaming Museum to support their ongoing work and the museum’s exhibitions, programs, and projects. In addition, through collaborating international art advisors, artworks that align with collectors’ interests and investment goals are also offered.


Mark Amerika
Maurice Benayoun
Miguel Chevalier
Ursula Endlicher
Carla Gannis
Carter Hodgkin
Ryoji Ikeda
Claire Jervert
Eduardo Kac
Sophie Kahn
Michael Najjar
Kai-Wilhelm Nessler
W. Bradford Paley
Anton Perich
Shuli Sade
Anne Katrina Senstad
John F. Simon, Jr.
Marty St. James
Monika Weiss
Ashley Zelinski

Work by other artists available and also through associate advisors.

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