From World Cities to Remote Locations

Selected international tours since 2008

“Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art”

Book, tour launch at Scandinavia House, NYC

Najjar renders stock indices into mountaintops

“high altitude” series  

Streaming Museum at ArtHelsinki

Guests Bina48, artist C.Jervert

Debbie Symons: Counting One to Four

Climate, extinction data visualization

LIGHT MOTIF by Frédéric Bonpapa

[Video] Award winner

Björk’s “Mutual Core” in Times Square

[Video, pictures] World Tour

Nordic Outbreak, One-Year World Tour

Exhibition of 30 Nordic artists

Joshua Frankel: PLAN OF THE CITY

[VIDEO] “Gorgeous”-New Yorker


[VIDEO] 7 international media artists

Tom Carr: Arrival-Departure

[VIDEO] Art Plural Gallery, Singapore

Maurice Benayoun’s real-time data art

[Video] Internet is world’s nervous..

STICKERS: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art

by DB Burkeman & Monica LoCascio

Claudia Hart: On Synchronics

[VIDEO] School of Art Institute …

Revelation: 9/11 commemoration

[Video]Jeremy Blake, Jenny Marketou..

Chris Rainier – “Sacred: Angkor Wat”

[Video] Music, Anoushka Shankar

Chris Rainier – “Ancient Marks”

[Video] Sacred Origins of Tattoos &..

Electronic Artifacts: icons, tone generators

[Video] Claire Jervert, Phillip Stearns

We Write To You From The Distant Future

[Gallery] Imagining the future world

Marina Zurkow: SLURB

[Video] Inhabitants of a flooded world

Pippo Lionni wryly explores life beyond words

Universal communication of the facts of life

The Poetics of Code: part 1

[Video] John Simon, Jr., Eduardo Kac

The Poetics of Code: part 2

[Video]Aaron Koblin, Chris Milk; Scott..

The Poetics of Code: part 3

[Video] Keryoon Han, Andrea…

Contemporary Crosscurrents

Artists of Middle East & worldwide

Eduardo Kac: Lagoglyphs

[Video] Genetic art

Cross-Korea: Come Join Us Mr. Orwell

Korean moving image, global tour

Mark Amerika: Immobilité

First feature film shot on mobile phone

Artists & Innovators for the Environment

[Gallery] Toured worldwide

Streaming Museum Launch 1/29/08

[Gallery] Good Morning, Mr. Orwell..

Future of Museums & Galleries, K11’s conference

Presentation by Nina Colosi, Hong Kong  

Pablo Power’s art looks at an urban wilderness

Stories of marginalized worlds that surround us

International sonic arts luminaries perform

Aotearoa Audio Arts Festival, Wellington, NZ

End of Idea of War in Pimenta’s electronic opera

Batalha Monastery, Portugal, UNESCO site

Mark Amerika’s TECHNE Lab art incubator in NY

For Streaming Museum’s 10th anniversary

Havana’s street art after Castro’s death

Transmitting political, economic change in Cuba

“Inverso Mundus” – world upside down by AES+F

Living in media’s virtual world or real world

Daniel Bacchieri’s award winning StreetMusicMap

Features international street musicians

Solmi’s art on society’s contradictions, injustices

Power and politics throughout history

Leonid Lamm’s art fights against oppression

by arts journalist Jason Kaufman

“TRUTH” by LigoranoReese

from Melted Away series

Monika Weiss: art’s poetic and political responsibility

History shaped the lives of Monika and her mother Gabriella

M. Fusari’s interactive stories from Cairo

Artisans speak out on hopes, politics, tradition

Anton Perich’s electric paintings

Vibrant minimal lines & colors  

Artist Vik Muniz strengthens Rio’s poor

Escola Vidigal & “Wasteland” doc

Cyndie Berthezene’s “TimeIn” arts program

Influences lives of at risk NYC public school kids

The African Art In Venice Forum

Promoting arts of unrepresented countries

Meet humanoid robot Bina48

Created with the mindfile of a human – Bina Rothblatt    

Claire Jervert’s “Android Portraits”

Created at robot labs worldwide

Sánchez Fantino: remarkable upcycling

[Gallery] Tin maps of world cities

World Affairs and Political Satire

Interpreting the news

Caroline Ha Thuc on Chinese art today

Sun Xun, Zhang Ding, Cao Fei

Creative tech, art, innovation

For Creative Tech Week NYC 2016

Real News From Art, Satire, Social Media

Story by Alana Chloe Esposito

Carter Hodgkin: animation, painting

Based on atomic particle collisions

Sociologist Manuel Castells

Essay,art,transmedia social protest

Marco Brambilla: Mission to Mars

Streaming Museum video Times Sq

Jonathan Monaghan: surreal animations

[Gallery] Powers of the digital age

JacobTV: THE NEWS @ Metropolitan Museum

[Video highlights] Reality opera

Ryoji Ikeda in Times Square

Video by Streaming Museum

The News Media Today

[Video] Journalists’ conversation

UN Secretary, Climate Change

Janos Pasztor plans for action

Utsikten Kunstsetner, Kvinesdal, Norway

[Video, Gallery] Beathe C. Roenning

Maximizing Life with Minimalism

Silicon Valley, arts & meditation


[Gallery]  Scandinavia House, NYC

THEO JANSEN’s Strandbeests

[Video] beach animal species

Robert Wilson on Creative Process

[Video] rule-breaking, visionary artist


[Gallery] Contemporary Japanese art

S. Rothenberg: Creative Process

[Studio visit] Juliette Yuan, curator

John F. Simon, Jr.: Creative Process

[Studio visit] Juliette Yuan, curator

LoVid: Creative Process

[Studio visit] Juliette Yuan, Curator

Sunday Ball, a film by Eryk Rocha

Rio’s favela soccer championship  

Occupying Fashion Week NYC

[Video] Social movement and fashion

Fashion: A Second Skin in Dubai at The cARTel

[Gallery] Curated by May Barber

Iris van Herpen in Dubai at The cARTel

[Gallery] Futurist fashion

Chinese High Fashion Designers

Philosophy & sustainable practice

ANOUK WIPPRECHT: Fashion Technology

[Video & Gallery] Robotic, intimate..

Art, Fashion, Celebrity for W Magazine

[Video] Chastain, Condo, Thomas…

Mahmoud Hamadani: art, life, minimalism

[Gallery] That which cannot be found

Negin Sharifzadeh: The Story of a Curse

[Gallery] animation,sculpture,print

Marcus Neustetter Cultural Activist

Public art, post-Apartheid South Africa

Lincoln Schatz: The Network, part 1

[Video portraits] American leadership    

Lincoln Schatz: The Network, part 2

[Video portraits] American leadership

Lincoln Schatz: The Network part 3

[Video portraits] American leadership 

Björk & Andrew Thomas Huang

[Music video] “Mutual Core”


The Challenge Award

“Sustainability” in Afghanistan

[Interview, Gallery] Teru Kuwayama

Rebirth: Recent Work by Mariko Mori

[Video,Gallery] Nature, Ancient..

SUPERFLEX: Rebranding Denmark

[Video] The Working Life premiere

Photographers in Afghanistan

[Video] BASETRACK media project

Balazs Gardi in Afghanistan

Video Portraits of Marines 1/8

A Cut Above: 12 Paper Masters

[Video] Renaissance of cut paper..

Marty St. James returns to Antarctica

[Gallery] Roaring winds, icy seas

Marty St. James in China

[Gallery] Mountain climb, drawing…

Bangalore-based artist duo Pors & Rao

[VIDEO] Technology, humor …

SUPERFLEX: Burning Car

[VIDEO] Slow burn of destruction…

Egill Sæbjörnsson: in Berlin & Copenhagen

[Video] Commissioned for DAC

Artists’ creative process

[Studios] Simon, Rothenberg, LoVid.

Miguel Chevalier: interactive art

[Video] the sensation of AI

Hannu Karjalainen, Towards an Architect

[VIDEO] from Nordic Outbreak

Electric Signs by Alice Arnold

[VIDEO] Urban screen culture

Urban Media Aesthetics (UMA)

Tanya Toft’s research, discussion

Erkki Huhtamo, media archaeologist

[VIDEO] Keynote speaker


Classical, experimental, rock

Composer Lesley Flanigan

(Videos) Guggenheim concert

Mo Zareei’s Kinetic Sound Sculptures

[Videos, Gallery] Story & influences

Vicky Chow plays Reich & Perich

[Video, audio] for piano+technology

Synergized: Nature & The Arts

[MUSIC & VIDEO] Lanier, Scanner …

Juilliard at Lincoln Center

“We Write This To You From The …


[Video] Cage & artists he inspired

JOHN CAGE: Lecture on the Weather

[Video] For the US Bicentennial 1976


[Video] Matisse/Davies/Tudor, Kov..


[Video] Composer and visual artist

JOHN CAGE TRIBUTE: Stephen Vitiello

[MP3s, scores] Sound, media artist

JOHN CAGE TRIBUTE: Marina Rosenfeld

How Cage influenced my music


[MP3 & scores] Musician

JOHN CAGE TRIBUTE: Allegra Fuller Snyder

Cage, Cunningham, Fuller

Past projects in NYC and International

Digital Art @Google, The Project…

Digital Art @Google, New York City

Exhibitions & public programs series.

The Project Room for New Media @ CAM

New media, performing arts program at Chelsea Art Museum NYC, inspired Streaming Museum