Selected international tours since 2008

Featured exhibitions

NORDIC OUTBREAK Launched with Björk’s “Mutual Core”
in Times Square’s Midnight Moment, Toured 1 Year Worldwide
[Video & Gallery] 


SUPERFLEX: Burning Car
[VIDEO] The slow burn of destruction suggests the
eventual, imminent collapse of consumer-driven society.
Nordic Outbreak feature exhibition.

Hannu Karjalainen, Towards an Architect
[VIDEO] Toured internationally with Nordic Outbreak

Joshua Frankel: PLAN OF THE CITY
[VIDEO] “Gorgeous” – Alex Ross, New Yorker


[VIDEO] International media artists Michael Najjar,
Sophie Kahn, Maurice Benayoun, Scott Draves,
Multi-touch Barcelona, Ursula Endlicher, and Mark Amerik

Tom Carr: Arrival-Departure
[VIDEO] International collaboration with Art Plural Gallery, Singapore

Maurice Benayoun: Emotion Forecast, Occupy Wall Screens
[VIDEO] Real-time data art shows the Internet as the
nervous system of the world

Claudia Hart: On Synchronics
VIDEO] Media project with 24 alumni of the
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

STICKERS: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art
[VIDEO] 1600+ artists. Music by Radiohead, The White Stripes,
UNKLE, Moby, Fujiya & Miyagi, Nite Club and Ror-Shak

[VIDEO] Jeremy Blake, Jenny Marketou, Yorgo Alexopoulos,
Marty St. James, Balazs Gardi, Emanuel Pimenta


Sacred: Angkor Wat
[VIDEO] Sacred temples by National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier, music Anoushka Shankar

Ancient Marks
[VIDEO] Sacred Origins of Tattoos and Body Marking by Chris Rainier, music Anoushka Shankar

Electronic Artifacts
[VIDEO] Add to Cart by Claire Jervert and The Quickening by Phillip Stearns

We Write To You From The Distant Future
[IMAGE GALLERY] Artists, scientists imagine the future world

Marina Zurkow: Slurb
[VIDEO] Inhabitants of a flooded world feel the tug of the sun, and dream of a return to their amniotic past

The Poetics of Code: part 1
[VIDEO] HD Traffic by John F. Simon, Jr. and Lagoglyphs by Eduardo Kac

The Poetics of Code: part 2
[VIDEO] Johnny Cash Project, Aaron Koblin & Chris Milk; Dreams in High Fidelity, Scott Draves

The Poetics of Code: part 3
[VIDEO] From Right To Left by Keryoon Han, and Rose Breathing by Andrea Ackerman

Contemporary Crosscurrents
Artists from the Middle East and around the world

Eduardo Kac: Lagoglyphs
[VIDEO] Artwork series expanding upon Kac’s controversial genetically altered Alba the GFP Bunny

Edwina Sandys: Breakthrough
[VIDEO] Commemorating Fall of the Berlin Wall 20th Anniversary in Milan, NYC & international tour

Cross-Korea: Come Join Us Mr. Orwell
[IMAGE GALLERY] Korean moving image: Art Center Nabi, Nam June Paik Art Center, Korean Film Archive

Mark Amerika: Immobilité
[IMAGE GALLERY] A feature-length foreign film shot on a mobile phone in Cornwall, UK

Artists & Innovators for the Environment
[IMAGE GALLERY] Three-part exhibition series toured screens on seven continents in 2008-2009

Streaming Museum Launch 1/29/08
[IMAGE GALLERY] Good Morning, Mr. Orwell by Nam June Paik
 and Art and Pop Culture in a Modern Mix for the Electronic Superhighway