Art and “The Real News”

LigoranoReese, “Melting Away” series; Alice Arnold, Art on the streets of Havana after Castro; Federico Solmi‘s political satire on society’s contradictions and injustices; Magna Carda on life in the projects, video by David Bates, Jr.; Leonid Lamm‘s art fights against oppression; Monika Weiss on art’s poetic and political responsibility; Massimiliano Fusari on hopes, politics, cultural tradition in Cairo; Debbie Symons’ data visualization on environment and extinction: AES+F the world is upside down; Michael Najjar “high altitude” series metaphor for corporate influence on environment


October through December, UrbanScreens TV program in Melbourne and Sydney, presenting Maurice Benayoun, Frederic Bonpapa, Ronan Devlin, David Bates, Jr.

A View From The Cloud AptArt Salon May 24 – December 31.  Artist talk by Monika Weiss, and videotaping of interviews of exhibited artists AES+F and LigoranoReese.

Through 2017, videotaping of interview of upcoming artists to be featured including Andrew Thomas Huang (US), Tuomas Laitinen (Finland). Pascal Haudressy (France), John F. Simon, Jr. (US).

A View From The Cloud, an interactive salon of art, innovation, and conversation May 17, 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm United Nations Church Center, 777 UN Plaza.

African Art Forum at the 57th Venice Biennale May 9, 10 at Piano Nobile of Palazzo Dandolo, Hotel Monaco. Free admission. Livestreamed at StreamingMuseum.org.

Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, France, 2017 March 9 – April 9 in Exhibition #2, Si Automatique (If Automatic) – John F. Simon, Jr’s “HD Traffic” 2009.

Following the City University Hong Kong’s Extreme Environment Expedition to Coral Triangle in Western Pacific Ocean. February – April.

March 1-31, 2013, Nordic Outbreak opened with Bjork’s “Mutual Core” across the screens of Times Square reaching over 560,000 viewers, and launching a global tour to 7 continents.



Exhibitions and programs:

OVNi, Objectif Vidéo Nice, France. Video art festival November 30 to December 4 at the Windsor Hotel and 25 city, public and private art spaces.

Bina48 humanoid robot was presented at ArtHelsinki and in an international residency in November and Q&A on November 22, 2016 at Gazelli Art House, London. Press release here.

ArtHelsinki International Contemporary Art Event, September 7-11, Messukeskus Expo and Convention Center, Helsinki. Launch of StreamingWorks.org.

A View From The Cloud, Kvinesdal, Norway, September 10, 2016 to January 29, 2017

Feature story at StreamingMuseum.org: “A View From The Cloud: Paths to environmental and social justice through data, creative technology and art” at StreamingMuseum.org beginning April 28 for Creative Tech Week NYC.

Øyesletta og omegn i Kvinesdal. Den nye Fedafjordbroa strekker seg over fjorden. Her sett fra Utsikten en vinterkveld.


Engaged Media series at NYU, “The Role of Media and Art in the Climate Change Debate”

Balance-Unbalance International Conference, Columbia, South America – “Creativity, Emerging Mobile Technologies and Changing Climates”

Advisory Board: 
International Commerce Center Tower Open Sky Gallery Hong Kong


Introducing A View From The Cloud, September 14, 2015



Summer Features: MoMA’s commissioned video by Björk and Andrew Thomas Huang, Iris van Herpen’s futurist fashion for the first time in the Middle East at The cARTel Dubai, Marco Brambilla’s Mission to Mars takes off in Times Square, Juliette Yuan’s series “The Artist’s Creative Process”, Ryoji Ikeda’s art on the beach in RioAlana Esposito on getting the ‘real news’ from the arts, political satire, social media and in-depth reporting.



Getting the Real News via the Arts, Political Satire, Social Media, and In-Depth Reporting:
THE NEWS reality opera by composer JacobTV and NY debut at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and talk with Twitter News, broadcast, documentary and digital “rock star” journalists. Feature story by Alana Esposito, essay by Spanish sociologist Manuel CastellsUN Foundation welcomes Janos Pasztor, United Nations Assistant Secretary General on Climate Change at the Waterfall Mansion, NYC, amidst art and running waterfall.

FEATURED: Multi-media artists Jonathan Monaghan, Federico Solmi, Lincoln Schatz, Teru Kuwayama, international political satirists Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Bassem Youssef in Egypt, and Miao Fu and Wang Sheng in China.


MARCH 2015

6 Stories About Art, Sport, Culture, Fashion, and the Social and Political Factors that Occupy Them – in Tehran, Rio’s Favelas, Kvinesdal, Norway’s Fiord Region, & NYC | Collect Art Exhibited by Streaming Museum | Save the date – “The News” Multi-Media Opera by JacobTV at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, April 17 – 18



Artists’ Travel Edition: An Excursion into the Realm of Minimalism and Meditation, Nordic Voyage to the Virtual opens at Scandinavia House, and Japanese Garden of Unearthly Delights at Japan Society.
FEATURE STORY: Maximizing Life with Minimalism – from Silicon Valley to the Arts and Meditation Realm.

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