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From Right To Left by Keryoon Han, and Rose Breathing by Andrea Ackerman

The Poetics of Code, Part 3, opened in November 2010. Keryoon Han, From Right To Left, 2009. Curator, Dooeun Choi, Art Center Nabi, Seoul “The good art that I have learned does not pursue superficial beauty, but is attempted to derive discourses on what one intends to say through it, and one senses its true value when it is interpreted in the context of contemporary art and conforms with the slogans of avant-garde art.  This is what I have persuaded myself to believe in.  There is no doubt about the fact that this is the good art.  I still believe so.  However, I may have forces myself too much.  There emerges the desire for deviation….It is external beauty seductive enough to make one fell like falling into its irresistible sweetness and risk swallowing poison for it, in spite of the impropriety of its contents… I hope I can really do that.”

Andrea Ackerman, Rose Breathing (2003), a 3D computer animation with stereo sound, is part of a series of synthetic landscapes and characters, a contribution to our ongoing evolution from natural to synthetic beings living in an increasingly synthetic world. In Rose Breathing, a 33 second loop, a synthetic rose rhythmically opens and closes in human like respiration. Rose Breathing was created by the artist using Maya and Renderman.

As of fall 2013, these artworks are still periodically presented internationally.

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From Right to Left, Cocor MediaChannel, Bucharest, Romania

From Right to Left, Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy

From Right to Left, SK Telecom Headquarters, Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea