[Video] The Working Life premiere

Rebranding Denmark & NYC premiere of The Working Life at Nordic Outbreak NYC.

Nordic Outbreak

Superflex exhibited two artworks at the NYC launch of Nordic Outbreak, an internationally touring exhibition of over 30 Nordic artists curated for public space. Rebranding Denmark (2006) was shown at Big Screen Plaza, the NY premiere of The Working Life (2013) was screened at  Scandinavia House during the Nordic Outbreak Symposium.

About the Video Art


The Working Life (2013) is a 9.50 minute film addressing the work situation from a therapeutic perspective.

The current economic crisis has left labour markets in turmoil. There are no work guaranties even with a higher educational degree; longer working hours are demanded of those in jobs; salaries are cut and availability is requested at all times. With growing fears of loosing the vital workplace, uncertainty of the perspectives for the future spreads through societies. To have or not to have a job is the main defining factor, not just when it comes to survival, but also when it comes to holding on to ones own identity as an included member of society. But how does one behave as a good citizen, when the willingness to work and the seemingly contradictory structural need for some unemployment to keep wages low, both seem to be central demands of the crisis economy? This and other paradoxes create the whirlpool of an even deeper personal crisis and confusion.

A hypnotist guides us through the labyrinth of The Working Life in search of relief or perhaps even a way out – if such exists.

The film is produced by Pasha Parts.
Commissioned by the Mead Gallery in association with the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, England. Year 2013.

Credit List:
Script: Nikolaj Heltoft & SUPERFLEX
Hynotist: Tommy Rosenkilde
Director: Caroline Sascha Cogez
Cinematography: Magnus Jønck
Camera Assistant: Ivan Molina Carmona
Grip:Christian Broe Brondum
DIT: Rasmus Jørgensen
Sound: Morten Bak Jensen
Sound Design/Composer: Mads Heldtberg
Editor: Copenhagen Brains
Thank you Only Rental, Sille Martens

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Rebranding Denmark (2006) shows an animated version of a Danish burning flag in 8 steps. Rebranding Denmark has its starting point in the political crisis in Denmark from 2006 known as the Cartoon Crisis. Denmark was condemned by the international Islamic world due to the publication of 12 cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper. As a result large demonstrations and attacks on Danish Embassies followed in many countries in the Middle East. Here, burning the Danish flag also became a symbol of the revolt.


SUPERFLEX is an artists’ group founded in 1993 by Jakob Fenger, Rasmus Nielsen and Bjørnstjerne Christiansen. SUPERFLEX describe their projects as Tools. A tool is a model or proposal that can actively be used and further utilized and modified by the user.



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